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CHAIN REACTION & CROSSFIRE - An old post in English (2008)

Ho ritrovato un mio vecchio intervento sul Forum di TWO HOURS WARGAMES. Lo ripropongo, perchè rileggendomi mi è venuto un po' da ridere....... rispondevo a delle persone che avevano mixato i due sistemi di gioco (Chain Reaction e Crossfire). La cosa mi infastidiva un po', dato che allora (ma solo allora) consideravo Crossfire praticamente intoccabile.
"Hi Guys,
PREMISE: everyone should play "what and how" he likes. My focus is more on amusing games than on historically accurate and technically perfect battles. But, you know, for several wargamers there is not fun without "boring military perfection"....and I respect them.
Wargaming is fantastic 'cos you can do what you want, despite the infinite amount of complicate rules (some of them drive me crazy!!!). So you are absolutely free to mix different sets of rules.
GRANTED THAT, if we wanna debate about "philosophy" of different wargames, I'm a little bit at a loss. I think that CHAIN REACTION and CROSSFIRE are alternative systems. Well. When you are "sick and tired" of actions, reactions, counter-reactions, reactions to the counter-reactions, tests and counter-tests, you can play CROSSFIRE: with it you have an action and, sometimes, a natural immediate reaction. Nothing else!. You never need to do a test. You don't need any charts. You never need to measure anything. Never! Expert Crossfire wargamers can move their troops on the "battlefield" so fast, that you can really see the dynamic of the battle, without any pause!
ON THE CONTRARY, when you wanna feel the deep panic of a soldier facing a bloody enemy; when you wanna see the heroic sacrifice of a great man; when you wanna understand the rational and the irrational reactions at an unexpected point-blank shot or at a sudden roaring blast, then you ABSOLUTELY NEED to leave Crossfire for a while, and start playing CHAIN REACTION!!!
Ehi Guys, forgive me for my "no so serious" long writing (and for my poor English!). I think that a blend of Crossfire and Chain Reaction could be a loss of potentiality for both. But, you know, my words are worth....nothing! Let's play what we want!!! Thanks for your patience! 

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  1. L'unica certezza è il cambiamento.... :-)
    ed il volere divertirsi.